WavePads offers a variety of sizes. From Large Group Rafts To Small Personal Rafts. We do offer custom sizes as well. Please Contact Us Today, We can special order you any size that will fit your specific needs. WavePads also sells Water Noodles And Kid Size Push Boards.- (Great For That Beginner Swimmer.)



WAVEPADS PRICING:   MSRP                      Weight (Wet or Dry)                    Tested Weight        

  • WP-60×6 (60ft x 6ft x 1 ½ in)-$2,160.00-60lbs
  • WP-40×6 (40ft x 6ft x 1 1/2 in)-$1,440.00-50lbsWavePads 20
  • WP-24×6 (24ft x 6ft x 1 1/2 in)-$864.00-40lbs  5500lbs
  • WP-18×6 (18ft x 6ft x 1 1/2 in)-$648.00-30lbs  4500lbs
  • WP-12×6 (12ft x 6ft x 1 1/2 in)-$432.00-15lbs   1500lbs
  • WP-10×6 (10ft x 6ft x 1 1/2 in)-$360.00-12lbs  900lbs
  • WP-6×4 (6ft x 4ft x 1 1/2 in)-$144.00-6lbs        450lbs
  • WP-6×3 (6ft x 3ft x 1 1/2 in)-$108.00-5lbs        300lbs
  • WP-4×3 (4ft x 3ft x 1 1/2 in)-$72.00
  • WP-3×3 (3ft x 3ft x 1 1/2 in)-$54.00
  • WP-3×2 (3ft x 2ft x 1 1/2 in)-$36.00
  • WP-BPR (6ft x 27in x 1 1/2in)-$99.99-3lbs       200lbs
  • WP-DBPR-$250.00-6lbs
  • WP-WS W/ Cup Holder-$35.00-3lbs
  • WP-BBPR-$79.99
  • WP-SCH-$25.00
  • WP-LCH-$30.00
  • WP-WN (6ft x 5 in x 1 1/2 in)-$10.00
  • WP-KSPB (2ft x 1.5 ft x 1 1/2 in)-$35.00larger size 1
  • WP-TS 4Pack (20in x 20in x 1 1/2in)-$99.99

*WP-BPR-Beer Pong Raft
*DBPR-Double Beer Pong Raft-Four Player
*WS-Water Saddle W/ Cup Holder
*BBPR-Battleship Beer Pong Raft
*WN-Water Noodle
*KSPB-Kid Size Push Board KSPB
*TS-Tire Saver
*SCH-Small Cup Holder
*LCH-Large Cup Holder

*If your looking for a larger size – (Max Is 150ft.) Contact Us Today.

*Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice.

*We can custom any design/logo on top side of the pad. (Additional Charges Apply)

Shipping Charges-Can be shipped locally and Worldwide.

* Local hand delivery can be arranged.

WavePads Beer Pong Raft







We Can Do Single, Double, Triple Or As Many As You Would Like Pong Games On One Raft.

  • Same construction/material as all the rest of The WavePads Rafts.
  • All cup holders drilled out and a ball will bounce.
  • Can be completely rolled up to the size of a small propane tank.
  • 10 Cup or 6 Cup Option or even less.
  • Cups Touch at the Rims.
  • Cups Secure but Visible.
  • Won’t Deflate or Pop.
  • Lies Flat for Bouncing.
  • Can Add tie up-additional charge will apply.
  • Easily Personalized with any Design or Logo-additional charge will apply.
  • Can be used as a personal size water raft-tested up to 250lbs.
  • Even Play Flippy Cup!
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